When you donate, you support:


Local farmers Jonesborough Locally Grown gives them unique opportunities to sell their produce and sustain their farms. Nationwide, farmers retain just 17 cents on the dollar, at our markets it is 80% and up

Local food Customers can know exactly where their food comes from when they shop at 100% local markets

Local markets

  • The Jonesborough Farmers market, the first producer-only market in the tri-cities
  • Boone Street Market, our one-of-a-kind local food store providing year-round sales opportunities for local farmers

Matching programs that help low-income customers enjoy the freshest local food

Education for farmers in food handling, safety, presentation and marketing

Spectacular local food events where you can enjoy local food prepared by the areas top chefs. From gourmet burgers at Boone Street Market to our well-known Farm to Table dinner.

A healthy local food supply. No farms = no food

A heathy local economy. A greater portion of each dollar spent locally is retained locally.


Donations and Annual Memberships keep us going!


All contributions are tax-deductible. Donations of any amount are welcome; for amounts of $50 per year or more, you become a ‘Friend of Locally Grown’ with these member benefits:

  • 5% discount on all purchases at Boone Street Market.
  • 20% discount on market merchandise (t-shirts, mugs)
  • quarterly member-only sales at Boone Street Market
  • subscription to our e-newsletter
  • advance notice about special events such as 100 mile dinners, Market Mingles, and more
  • no credit card fee for charges of $25 or more at the Saturday Farmers Market
  • invitation to our annual market potluck

Two ways to donate:

  • During business hours at Boone Street Market (Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm),
  • Online with the button below.  Our online donation button charges no fees, so 100% of your donation comes to us!  Debit/credit/and paypal accepted!
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